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Safety Audit

The Occupational Health and Safety Management audits are conducted in conformity with legislation to construct strategy for disciplinary activity within a safety program. SAI SAFETY CONSORTIUM PRIVATE LIMITED helps to analyze effective & efficient management system of organization or company. We, not only identify the strengths and opportunities for planned improvement of procedures & policies, but also inspect weaknesses of human resource department. We investigate company’s regular activities and proceedings to their planned safety arrangements as per collective information for implementing health & safety policy objectives.

We even conduct a safety audit program from time-to-time, which helps us to know the exact position of safety of our employees. We have highly experienced and technical experts that are highly valued in the respective fields industry who explore the activities of the organization on safety aspect and formulate instructions to promote safety inputs. Our audit programs are as follows:

Safety Audit of Complete Factory
Safety Audit of LPG/Propane Installation
Electrical Safety Audit
Confined Space Audit
Construction Site Audits
Safety Observation

Our company conducts safety audit in various industries such as:

The Tinplate Company Of India Limited
Tata Bluescope Steels Ltd.